Filippo Costa

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In this paper a planar electromagnetic absorber is introduced whose performance is maintained over a wide change of the incidence angle for both TE and TM polarization. The absorber comprises an array of patches over a grounded dielectric slab, with clear advantage in terms of manufacturability. It is shown that a high value of the relative permittivity of(More)
The paper describes a method to combine the information on the number of citations and the relevance of the publishing journal (as measured by the Impact Factor or similar impact indicators) of a publication to rank it with respect to the world scientific production in the specific subfield. The linear or non-linear combination of the two indicators is(More)
In the recent Italian Evaluation of Research Quality exercise for the period 2004-2010 (VQR), promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education and carried by the National Agency for Research Evaluation (ANVUR), metrics were massively employed. The use of Impact Factor or article citations (or both) are usually considered a powerful tool for supporting the peer(More)
There is not a unique definition of " empowerment " , nevertheless the idea that it involves, on the one hand, people having control over their own lives and, on the other, some social aspects seems to be a common characteristic. Most authors recognize three levels of empowerment: individual, group, and community level, which are interconnected and changes(More)
A cloud-mobile platform under development in the framework of the SMART ANGEL project co-financed by the Italian Liguria Region is presented . The platform is meant to address the needs of people with intellectual disabilities; it is oriented to support and enhance their autonomy and in particular their mobility in urban environments, and can be regarded as(More)
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