Filippo Cassano

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Lead (Pb) may affect humoral and cellular immunity, acting on lymphocytes as well as on granulocytes and monocytes. Cytokines and nitric oxide (NO) play a central role in the immune balance. In this study, plasma levels of nitrites and nitrates (NOx), IL2, IL4, IL6, IL10, TNF-alpha and INF-gamma, were measured in healthy workers with very low (Pb-B=3.2-18.0(More)
Peripheral blood lymphocytes from 22 men with low average exposure (229 micrograms/m3 = 0.72 ppm) to benzene and 19 control men were investigated for Sister Chromatid Exchange (SCE) frequency. The majority of the men (21 exposed, 19 controls) were also investigated using the micronucleus assay (MN). The exposed subjects were employed at 10 different gas(More)
Seven hundred and twenty subjects not occupationally exposed to lead were examined, among blood donors from a Bari hospital. Short case-histories were taken including personal data, residence, occupation, habits. The parameters considered were blood lead and protoporphyrin levels. The mean values found in Bari were respectively, 8.4 micrograms/100 ml, S.D.(More)
This study aims at measuring association between environmental exposure to PAHs and internal or biologically effective dose biomarkers among 212 individuals living at different distance from the industrial area of Taranto, Italy. Environmental PAH exposure was determined by area monitoring. PAH levels was measured by HPLC UV/FL. Urinary 1-hydroxypyrene(More)
Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is well known to be an epidemiologically relevant problem. The subjects affected with NIHL show alteration of hearing thresholds as well as a worsening of the cochlear analysis functions and, usually, an impaired speech discrimination in presence of background noise. The study has evaluated the relationships(More)
The Authors provide the data gathered from measurements of nitrous oxide in the operating room of Puglia during the period between 1993 and 2003. They prove significant reductions of pollution according with time and they verify lower pollution levels in the operating rooms of private hospitals with respect to public facilities. The importance of the(More)
The effects of low-dose lead occupational exposure on neurobehavioral functions are still not well defined by international literature. The objective of this study is to assess by psychometric testing the presence of possible neuropsychological impairment in a group of male Italian workers with low blood lead levels in comparison to an adequate non exposed(More)
The Authors reported data of benzene concentrations obtained in Bari during period of time between 1990 and 1995; the measured levels of benzene concentrations are not in accord with referent values prescribed by the law, mostly always they are exceeded. Present study also discuss problems related to gasoline consumption and the number of cars in(More)