Filippo Bosi

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Cloud computing is a promising IT paradigm which enables the Internet¢s evolution into a global market of collaborating services. Cloud computing semantic interoperability plays a key role in making this a reality. Towards this direction, a comprehensive and systematic survey of Cloud computing interoperability efforts by standardization groups,(More)
G-Pisa is an experiment investigating the possibility of operating a high-sensitivity laser gyroscope with area less than 1 m2 for improving the performances of the mirrors suspensions of the gravitational wave antenna Virgo. The experimental set-up consists of a He-Ne ring laser with a 4-mirror square cavity. The laser is pumped by an RF discharge where(More)
This study reports the development of a new open external vascular stent: the lock stent device (LSD). It enables a novel end-to-end sleeve anastomotic technique, named locked anastomosis (LA). The LA technique consists of inserting a graft sleeve within an artery, secured in place by an internal stent and an external LSD. The internal stent, graft, vessel(More)
GINGERino is a large frame laser gyroscope investigating the ground motion in the most inner part of the underground international laboratory of the Gran Sasso, in central Italy. It consists of a square ring laser with a 3.6 m side. Several days of continuous measurements have been collected, with the apparatus running unattended. The power spectral density(More)
BACKGROUND Monolithic scintillators read out by arrays of photodetectors represent a promising solution to obtain high spatial resolution and the depth of interaction (DOI) of the annihilation photon. We have recently investigated a detector geometry composed of a monolithic scintillator readout on two sides by silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) arrays, and we(More)
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