Filipe Sobral

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Stature of conscripts from four regions of southern Portugal was evaluated in a secular perspective. Data were drawn from the draft records for each decade between 1930 and 1980, a period that corresponds to a decisive expansion of industry and urbanization. In each region conscripts were divided into two groups according to their area of birth: urban or(More)
Since the last decade corporate scandals have drawn public attention to the importance of whistleblowers, resulting in the creation of policies and statutes which rely heavily on whistleblowing, especially in the United States. A common assumption behind these efforts is that whistleblowing produces benefits to society at large, as it promotes a more(More)
Over the last few decades, several studies have been conducted to examine the complex relationships between team diversity and individual and organizational outcomes. Although, in theory, team diversity can foster positive organizational synergies by increasing the variance of perspectives and approaches to work different members can bring, the same(More)
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