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Vehicle-to-grid systems for sustainable development: An integrated energy analysis
This paper describes the first detailed and global analysis of the potential of V2G technologies over the long-term (to 2100) using a comprehensive energy-systems model. Expand
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Transport infrastructure project evaluation using cost-benefit analysis
The advent of megaprojects is exacerbating the need for a comprehensive tool for decision making. Financial resources are scarce and cost-benefit analysis (CBA) can help decision makers select theExpand
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Measuring walkability for distinct pedestrian groups with a participatory assessment method: A case study in Lisbon
Abstract Walkability has been defined as the extent to which the urban environment is pedestrian friendly. By measuring it, planning professionals may be able to address the quality of the pedestrianExpand
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Transport policy and environmental impacts: The importance of multi-instrumentality in policy integration
Despite the introduction of many instruments in the transport system, they failed to reach their target since gains in global environmental efficiency have not been enough to cope with theExpand
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Bridging the Gap in Planning Indoor Pedestrian Facilities
Abstract Pedestrians are currently attracting the interest of various researchers and practitioners, particularly urban and transport planners. Analysis of the pedestrian behavior, environment andExpand
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Influential vectors in fuel consumption by an urban bus operator: Bus route, driver behavior or vehicle type?
Abstract Energy costs account for an important share of the total costs of urban and suburban bus operators. The purpose of this paper is to expand empirical research on bus transit operation costsExpand
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The Incorporation of Passenger Connectivity and Intermodal Considerations in Intercity Transport Planning
Abstract Congested road and air networks, coupled with the idea that transport systems should be balanced, have spawned the field of intercity intermodal passenger transport which is based on travelExpand
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Driving Energy System Transformation with "Vehicle-to-Grid" Power
Today's electricity and transport systems face a number of challenges related to reliability, security and environmental sustainability. New technologies may provide a means by which to overcome someExpand
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A rule-based approach for determining the plausible universe of electric vehicle buyers in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area
The electric vehicle (EV) presents many advantages when compared to the internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV): lower lifecycle energy consumption, operating costs, air and noise emissions.Expand
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PPPs — True Financial Costs and Hidden Returns
Abstract The cost of using private finance is at the centre of the public private partnerships (PPPs) debate, but until now most works considered only the direct financial costs such as the loanExpand
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