Filipe Marques

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Chromosomal DNA damage can be a result of several processes and agents of endogenous or exogenous origin. These cause strand breaks or oxidized bases that lead to strand breaks, which relax the normally supercoiled genomic DNA and increase its electrophoretic mobility. The extent of DNA damage can be assessed by single cell gel electrophoresis, where the(More)
A method is proposed whereby values for Service Level Objectives (SLOs) of an SLA can be chosen to reduce the sum IT infrastructure cost plus business financial loss. Business considerations are brought into the model by including the business losses sustained when IT components fail or performance is degraded. To this end, an impact model is fully(More)
Many extracts prepared from plants traditionally used for medicinal applications contain a variety of phytochemicals with antioxidant and antigenotoxic activity. In this work we measured the DNA protective effect of extracts of Ginkgo biloba leaves from oxidative stress using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as experimental model. The extract improved viability of(More)
— A methodology for designing data center infrastructure for E-commerce sites is developed. It differs from existing methodologies in that it evaluates and compares alternative designs from a business perspective, that is, by evaluating the business impact (financial loss) imposed by imperfect infrastructure. The methodology provides the optimal(More)
A business-driven approach to designing service level agreements in an e-commerce environment is proposed. In contrast to conventional SLA design approaches, the one proposed better captures the linkage between service provider and service client by considering the negative business impact (business loss) originated from IT infrastructure failures and(More)
This work proposes a business-oriented approach to designing IT infrastructure in an e-commerce context subject to load surges. The main difference between the proposed approach and conventional ones is that it includes the negative business impact - loss - incurred due to IT infrastructure failures and performance degradation. The approach minimizes the(More)
Anthocyanins are major flavonoids in many plant foods and have been related to health promotion. In the human organism anthocyanins are metabolised to different metabolites. One of the most important phase II reactions of flavonoids is the methylation of the catechol group. This feature is expected to have an effect on the antioxidant and antiproliferative(More)
Diet may induce colon carcinogenesis through oxidative or alkylating DNA damage. However, diet may also contain anticarcinogenic compounds that contribute to cancer prevention. DNA damage prevention and/or induction of repair are two important mechanisms involved in cancer chemoprevention by dietary compounds. Hypericum sps. are widely used in traditional(More)