Filipe Laranjeiro

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Imposex levels and organotin tissue concentrations were assessed in Nassarius reticulatus females collected between June and August 2008 at 23 sites along the Portuguese coast. Females with imposex were present at all sampling sites with highest levels inside main harbors. Imposex parameters across sampling stations varied between 6.3% and 100% for %I,(More)
Organotin compounds (OTs) are ubiquitous in the marine environment and high concentrations (μg g(-1) range) in sediments from different coastal areas around the world have been reported. However, few reports have described the OTs contamination status in the offshore and deep sea environment. This work investigated organotin levels in Nazaré canyon for the(More)
Triphenyltin (TPT) was used until recently as a biocide in antifouling systems and nowadays is still applied as an agriculture pesticide in some countries. This compound is known to cause imposex (the imposition of male characters in females of gastropod molluscs) in a very limited number of species, when compared with tributyltin (TBT), the universally(More)
This paper presents the results from two ring-tests addressing the feasibility, robustness and reproducibility of a reproduction toxicity test with the freshwater gastropod Lymnaea stagnalis (RENILYS strain). Sixteen laboratories (from inexperienced to expert laboratories in mollusc testing) from nine countries participated in these ring-tests. Survival and(More)
Despite the use of tributyltin (TBT) had been banned worldwide in 2008 there is still evidence of its deleterious presence in environment. We evaluate the usefulness of a 28days sediment bioassay with Nassarius reticulatus females to monitor TBT pollution, using imposex as endpoint. In addition, butyltins were determined in sediments and tissues, and,(More)
IMO's Anti-Fouling Systems convention banned the use of organotin-based antifouling systems in 2008 as the ultimate effort to stop tributyltin (TBT) inputs into the marine environment. One of the hazardous effects of TBT is imposex (the superimposition of male sexual characters onto gastropod females), a phenomenon that may cause female sterility and the(More)
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