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Face annotation is an important concept for personal memories retrieval. Using automatic face recognition to annotate and find people in those memories provides an improvement of a personal memories management system. However, its results are limited by the uncontrolled conditions inherent to personal memories. In this paper, we propose a face recognition(More)
Manual annotation is difficult to perform in large image databases and the automatic methods deliver results that are far from what is desired by the users. New and fun ways to provide image annotation are required. This paper describes Tag Around, a computer game for image tagging. The application is based on a 3D game interface, a game engine that uses a(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank to everyone who helped and supported me in the last year during the dissertation. Special thanks to Nuno Correia for the advices and directions, to my project leader Armanda Rodrigues and to my friend and colleague André Sabino. I also thank to all my colleagues and friends for the help, the fun and the companionship(More)
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