Filipe Gaspar

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A key issue in video object tracking is the representation of the objects and how effectively it discriminates between different objects. Several techniques have been proposed, but without a generally accepted method. While analysis and comparisons of these individual methods have been presented in the literature, their evaluation as part of a global(More)
In large-scale immersive virtual reality (VR) environments, such as a CAVE, one of the most common problems is tracking the position of the user’s head while he or she is immersed in this environment to reflect perspective changes in the synthetic stereoscopic images. In this paper, the authors describe the theoretical foundations and engineering approach(More)
To achieve a full-scale simulation of a pyrite mine, a highly immersive environment becomes necessary and this research has led to a complex system enabling users to walk through a virtual mine in real time, presenting all the behaviours present in such environment. Some of the problems encountered are the tunnels behaviours, including highly contrasted(More)
In this paper, we describe the theoretical foundations and engineering approach of an infrared-optical tracking system specially design for large scale immersive virtual environments (VE) or augmented reality (AR) settings. The system described is capable of tracking independent retro-reflective markers arranged in a 3D structure (artefact) in real time(More)
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