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— One possible way to define the end of lifetime for a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is to set a threshold for the number of disconnections among the sensor nodes so that above this level the WSN becomes unable to provide the quality of services required by the users or even totally loses its ability to provide any service at all. Disconnections isolate(More)
— In this paper, we propose an adaptive radio interface scheme for systems that employ multiple antennas. This is in contrast to the adaptive interface of single-antenna systems like in current packet data cellular systems. We propose groups of transmission parameters called Modulation, Coding and Antenna Schemes (MCAS) that are chosen according to the(More)
A usual activity performed to ensure quality is software testing. Although important, testing is an expensive activity. For that reason, test teams should be able to estimate the required effort to perform their test activities on the schedule and to request more resources or negotiate deadlines when necessary. This is even more important when regarding(More)
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