Filipe Costa Luz

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In this article we argue that digital simulations promote and explore complex relations between the player and the machine's cybernetic system with which it relates through gameplay, that is, the real application of tactics and strategies used by participants as they play the game. The magic space created by the board is considered to be more than a space(More)
The introduction of digital techniques in film production has revolutionized an entire technical universe and suggests new aesthetics where the image is overlapping the traditional story that is told. A new culture is based upon an emerging phenomenon driven by the dissolution of the boundaries between film captured by a video camera (live action footage)(More)
In this text, we intend to explore the possibilities of sound manipulation in a context of augmented reality (AR) through the use of robots. We use the random behaviour of robots in a limited space for the real-time modulation of two sound characteristics: amplitude and frequency. We add the possibility of interaction with these robots, providing the user(More)
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