Filipa C. Almeida

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BACKGROUND The integration of Information Systems (IS) is essential to support shared care and to provide consistent care to individuals--patient-centred care. This paper identifies, appraises and summarises studies examining different approaches to integrate patient data from heterogeneous IS. METHODS The literature was systematically reviewed between(More)
Three monomorphic and four highly polymorphic microsatellites of Nectomys squamipes were isolated and characterised in a sample of 141 specimens from eight different Brazilian localities. These seven microsatellites and four others previously described in this species were tested in seven other nonfocus sigmodontine species. At least three loci were(More)
Morphologic, karyotypic, and molecular analyses were carried out in 25 specimens of a distinct morph of Chiropotes (henceforth termed Chiropotes sp.) obtained from a number of localities in the Brazilian Amazon. Pelage coloration clearly distinguishes the collected specimens and all other known species of this genus. A distinct karyotype was described for(More)
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