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The Nonprofit Sector in Sweden
Defining a non-profit sector the history the legal situation the contours changing relations analysis and implications. Appendices: Swedish version of the ICNPO methodology output measures.
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The Swedish nonprofit sector in international comparison
The previous picture of the nonprofit sector in Sweden has been biased by a narrow US perspective. Mainstream nonprofit literature seems to neglect work carried out in the important but more compleExpand
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The Popular Movement Marinade – The dominant civil society framework in Sweden
The existence and scale of formal memberships in a country or a region have often been used as an indicator of the country’s degree of civility or the civic and voluntary engagement in the populationExpand
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Payments for care: A comparative overview
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Different faces of civil society
This is volume II in a dissertation in two parts. In addition to the papers found in this volume, the major publication is a book: The nonprofit sector in Sweden (Manchester University Press, ManchExpand
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The Role of Civil Society. The Case of Sweden in International Comparison
Civil society organizations are found in all possible parts of Swedish society, conducting a multitude of different tasks, involving all types of people in a rainbow-like organizational plethora. WeExpand
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On Civil Society Governance: An Emergent Research Field
The scholarly interest in governance has peaked remarkably within the social sciences in the last couple of decades (Kitthananan 2006; Kjaer 2004; Pierre 2000). The multi-faceted usage of theExpand
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