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This paper deals with the design of a biometric security system based upon the fingerprint and speech technology. In the first chapter there are the biometric security systems and a concept of an integration of the both technologies introduced. Then the fingerprint technology followed by the speech technology is shortly described. There are discussed some(More)
This article describesdifferent skin diseases whichcouldhavethe influence to theprocess of fingerprintacquirement.T here arem anypeople, whos uffer undersuchdiseases andare thereforeexcludedf romthe setofusers of abiometric system andc ouldn ot e.g. getavisa to theUSA or useana ccess biometricsystem installedinacompany, wheretheywork. Skin diseases(More)
This paper deals with a new approach for detection of finger veins. The method is split into four subsequent steps. The first of them consists of basic series of image filtering of the vein pattern and the other three are sequences of image filters for determination of the finger contour used for the background masking. At the end the finger veins with(More)
In this paper, there is introduced an approach to surface reconstruction of an object captured by one grayscale camera with a small resolution. The proposed solution expects a rectangular grid being projected onto the object and the camera capturing the situation from position different to the grid projector position. The crucial part of the method is exact(More)
This paper aims at speaker recognition based upon a novel set of features. Feature extraction is a crucial phase of the speaker recognition process and a proper feature set can influence it dramatically. Many well-known features are not suitable for the speaker recognition as those merge the specifics of the individual voices to make them universal.(More)
Modelling and simulation of spatial (3D) sound propagation in real-time applications is a challenging task. Its complexity, both algorithmic and computational, is a limiting factor in most current auralization systems. Each system is designed with different goals and its designers had to make different trade-offs to be able to implement it using current(More)