Filip Lenrick

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III−V Nanowires (NWs) grown with metal−organic chemical vapor deposition commonly show a polytypic crystal structure, allowing growth of structures not found in the bulk counterpart. In this paper we studied the radial overgrowth of pure wurtzite (WZ) GaAs nanowires and characterized the samples with high resolution X-ray diffraction (XRD) to reveal the(More)
Ternary nanowires (NWs) often exhibit varying material composition along the NW growth axis because of different diffusion properties of the precursor molecules. This constitutes a problem for optoelectronic devices for which a homogeneous material composition is most often of importance. Especially, ternary GaInP NWs grown under a constant Ga-In precursor(More)
Focused ion beam is a powerful method for cross-sectional transmission electron microscope sample preparation due to being site specific and not limited to certain materials. It has, however, been difficult to apply to many nanostructured materials as they are prone to damage due to extending from the surface. Here we show methods for focused ion beam(More)
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