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The paper presents a case study results emoting detection for a broken bar in an induction motor thermal power-plant. Two identical 3.15 MW motors are analyzed. The malfunctioning motor suffers from increased vibrations. A fault on the rotor is suspected. The induction motor phase current is analyzed for the healthy and the malfunctioning motor. The feature(More)
This paper presents a novel hybrid method for short-term load forecasting. The system comprises of two artificial neural networks (ANN), assembled in a hierarchical order. The first ANN is a multilayer perceptron (MLP) which functions as integrated load predictor (ILP) for the forecasting day. The output of the ILP is then fed to another, more complex MLP,(More)
This paper presents a novel method for short-term load forecasting (STLF), based on artificial neural network (ANN), targeted for use in large-scale systems such as distribution management system (DMS). The system comprises of a preprocessing unit (PPU) and a feed forward ANN ordered in a sequence. PPU prepares the data and feeds them as input to the ANN,(More)
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