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The effect of ambient temperature was analysed on the behaviour of MO4 cells which are malignant, invasive and metastasizing C3H mouse fibroblastic cells when implanted in the tail of the syngeneic animal. Raising the ambient temperature to 28°C increases growth of the primary tumour, incidence of metastases and shortens survival. Lowering the ambient(More)
Liver metastases were produced in syngeneic BD IX rats by intraportal injection of colon cancer cell aggregates. The cells originated from the DHD/K12 cell line, derived from a 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (CAS: 540-73-8)-induced colon adenocarcinoma in BD IX rats. The animals received either cyclosporine A (CSA) or the excipients alone (control) through daily(More)
A high-performance liquid chromatographic method is described for separating and determining navelbine and possible metabolites in plasma, cell culture medium and MO4 cells. Navelbine is extracted from these fluids by ion-pair extraction with sodium octylsulphate as the counter-ion at pH 3. The system uses a cyano column as the stationary phase and a mobile(More)
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