Filip De Greve

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In this paper we examine the capabilities of Switched Ethernet for building wireless mesh networks (WMNs) and more specific for the support of fast moving users. We will motivate that Switched Ethernet with wireless extensions is a promising auto-configurable WMN technology. An inherent Ethernet feature, topology modification according to the actual link(More)
— Wireless Building Automation is a complex problem dealing with a lot of trade offs: on one hand sensors and actuators have to be as energy-efficient as possible, while on the other hand the overall network should be performant and resilient enough to extend or even replace a wired backbone. In addition, the network should be able to serve existing IEEE(More)
In this paper, the focus is on the design of an aggregation network for offering high-bandwidth services to fast moving users (e.g., users in trains or cars). The overall considered network architecture consists of two parts: an access network part and an aggregation network part. The users in the fast moving vehicles are connected to the access network via(More)
SUMMARY In this article, we present the research challenges that are associated with designing a cost-effective network architecture for delivering broadband services to fast moving users (e.g. in trains). We specifically extended the standard Switched Ethernet technology towards a truly Carrier Grade network solution for fast moving users. Prototype(More)
Nowadays, it is the demand of every internet user to stay connected most of the time even if the user is on the move. The core focus of this paper is on internet connectivity with moving vehicles. Wireless internet access on trains is not a standardized technology yet, therefore, it has diverse and vendor specific architecture. The authors have presented(More)
With the currently emerging trials for internet solutions on the train, it is a matter of time before best-effort internet on the train becomes a reality. However, designing the aggregation network which transports data from fast moving users to service providers, requires extended research because an aggregation network responsible for the reliable(More)