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Experimental results obtained in a batch reactor are presented showing different fast dynamic phenomena. All measured OUR-profiles show a ‘start-up’ phase upon substrate addition. Neither the response time of the DO-electrode, the mixing characteristics in the reactor or the extracellular transport limitations could explain this behaviour. It is(More)
In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the ill-de nedness of environmental processes. To provide a frame of reference for discussions regarding ill-de ned systems, a taxonomy and terminology of the modelling and simulation of systems will be presented. Due to the complexity of ill-de ned systems, it is not only necessary to describe the(More)
Environmental concerns become increasingly important in most industrialised countries. In particular , water quality is deteriorating rapidly. This fact has generated interest (both legislative and scientiic) in the deployment of Waste-Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs). Given the complexity and ill-deened nature of WWTPs, a rigorous methodology is needed to(More)
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