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Auditory Environment Across the Life Span of Cochlear Implant Users: Insights From Data Logging.
Purpose We describe the natural auditory environment of people with cochlear implants (CIs), how it changes across the life span, and how it varies between individuals. Method We performed aExpand
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Deactivating Cochlear Implant Electrodes Based on Pitch Information for Users of the ACE Strategy.
There is a wide range in performance for cochlear implant (CI) users and there is some evidence to suggest that implant fitting can be modified to improve performance if electrodes that do notExpand
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Correlation and agreement between Language ENvironment Analysis (lena™) and manual transcription for Dutch natural language recordings
The Language ENvironment Analysis system (lena™) automatically analyzes the natural sound environments of children. Among other things, it estimates the amounts of adult words (awc), childExpand
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Hearing Device Manufacturers Call for Interoperability and Standardization of Internet and Audiology.
Purpose This article describes the perspectives of hearing device manufacturers regarding the exciting developments that the Internet makes possible. Specifically, it proposes to join forces towardExpand
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Measures of the electrically evoked compound action potential threshold and slope in HiRes 90KTM users
Abstract Objectives To investigate electrically evoked compound action potentials (eCAPs) measured with the neural response imaging (NRI) ‘SmartNRI’ algorithm. NRI thresholds and slopes were examinedExpand
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Feasibility of an implanted microphone for cochlear implant listening
This study aimed at evaluating the feasibility of an implanted microphone for cochlear implants (CI) by comparison of hearing outcomes, sound quality and patient satisfaction of a subcutaneousExpand
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Speech Recognition Technology in CI Rehabilitation
eHealth is a topic that is gaining increasing interest throughout all sectors of health care, driven by a constant drive towards greater efficiency and quality, and by the fact that patients desire aExpand
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Empowering Senior Cochlear Implant Users at Home via a Tablet Computer Application.
Purpose The introduction of connectivity technologies in hearing implants allows new ways to support cochlear implant (CI) users remotely. Some functionalities and services that are traditionallyExpand
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Listening Effort Through Depth of Processing in School-Age Children
Objectives: A reliable and practical measure of listening effort is crucial in the aural rehabilitation of children with communication disorders. In this article, we propose a novel behavioralExpand
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