Fikret Maltepe

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UNLABELLED Many drugs are tested intrathecally to investigate alternatives to opioids. We aimed to explore the analgesic and possible neurotoxic effects of chronic intrathecally-administered ketorolac tromethamine in rats. Catheters were placed via atlantoaxial interval in 28 Wistar rats under anesthesia of intraperitoneally-injected thiopental 30 mg/kg.(More)
BACKGROUND Accidental intravenous exposure to bupivacaine is highly cardiotoxic and may lead to death. Positive inotropic agents are usually utilized in resuscitative efforts. We have compared the efficacy of levosimendan, a novel inotropic agent, with dobutamine and their combination in a rat model of bupivacaine intoxication. METHODS Twenty-eight male(More)
BACKGROUND Patent ductus arteriosus is a common congenital cardiac condition. Its importance is mostly underestimated and accepted as an "easy" heart disease. Physiological consequences of pulmonary overflow may cause severe mortality in premature neonates. Accurate timing of surgical intervention is essential to decrease the mortality in very low birth(More)
Vascular malformations located in the posterior mediastinum are extremely rare. Most of them are found coincidentally during routine examinations. Only a small percentage of these posterior mediastinal arteriovenous malformation cases may cause symptoms such as dyspnea due to compression of surrounding tissues. Radiologic imaging can be insufficient in some(More)
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