Fikret Erdemir

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of microsurgical inguinal varicocele repair in nonobstructive azoospermic men with palpable varicocele and to determine predictive parameters of outcome. METHODS After standard diagnostic evaluation, 24 pellet (-) completely azoospermic men and 14 pellet (+) virtually azoospermic men underwent microsurgical inguinal(More)
PURPOSE We assessed how varicocelectomy alters semen quality in a large cohort of infertile men and determined whether it can change patient candidacy for assisted reproductive technology procedures. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cohort of 540 infertile men with clinical palpable varicocele underwent microsurgical varicocelectomy and were followed more than 1(More)
INTRODUCTION During the last decades numerous prognostic factors have been studied for predicting survival of renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Platelet count has previously been reported to correlate with prognosis in RCC. The aim of the this study was to evaluate the significance of thrombocytosis in determining prognosis in patients with localized RCC who(More)
Hemangiopericytoma (HPC) arising from within the urinary bladder is exceptionally rare. A 45-year-old man having the symptoms of left groin pain, vague suprapubic discomfort and frequency was admitted to our clinic. Pelvic tomography revealed a tumor in the bladder wall measuring 4 × 3 cm and was not clearly distinct from the lower abdominal wall. Partial(More)
BACKGROUND Fournier's gangrene (FG) is an extensive fulminant infection of the genitals, perineum or the abdominal wall. The aim of this study is to share our experience with the management of this difficult infectious disease. METHODS Thirty-three male patients were admitted to our clinic with the diagnosis of FG between February 1988 and December 2003.(More)
To evaluate the relationship between the expression of E-cadherin (E-CD) and tumor recurrence and progression in patients with high-grade stage T1 urothelial carcinoma of bladder. Fifty-two patients who had primary high-grade stage T1 urothelial carcinoma were enrolled to the study. The pathologic specimens of patients were evaluated and staged as T1a and(More)
AIM To compare the effects of coronary artery bypass operation with or without extracorporeal circulation on serum total prostate-specific antigen levels. METHODS Seventy-six men with a mean age of 57.04+/-9.27 years (range 44-77 years), who underwent coronary artery bypass surgery were enrolled to the study. In 50 patients (Group I), coronary(More)
BACKGROUND Caudal anesthesia is widely used as intraoperative and postoperative analgesia in children's subumbilical surgeries such as on the urogenital system, lower extremities and lower abdomen to reduce the stress response to surgery and to facilitate the general anesthesia. AIM The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of caudally(More)
Malignant transformation in testicular teratomas has been reported very rarely in the literature. Although testicular teratomas in childhood are regarded as benign neoplasms, these tumors, if left untreated until advanced ages, may present the risk of malignant transformation. We report a case of differentiated adenocarcinoma originating from colonic glands(More)