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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of microsurgical inguinal varicocele repair in nonobstructive azoospermic men with palpable varicocele and to determine predictive parameters of outcome. METHODS After standard diagnostic evaluation, 24 pellet (-) completely azoospermic men and 14 pellet (+) virtually azoospermic men underwent microsurgical inguinal(More)
PURPOSE We assessed how varicocelectomy alters semen quality in a large cohort of infertile men and determined whether it can change patient candidacy for assisted reproductive technology procedures. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cohort of 540 infertile men with clinical palpable varicocele underwent microsurgical varicocelectomy and were followed more than 1(More)
BACKGROUND Fournier's gangrene (FG) is an extensive fulminant infection of the genitals, perineum or the abdominal wall. The aim of this study is to share our experience with the management of this difficult infectious disease. METHODS Thirty-three male patients were admitted to our clinic with the diagnosis of FG between February 1988 and December 2003.(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of diet induced obesity on semen parameters and serum antioxidant enzyme levels. MATERIAL AND METHODS Six-week-old male rats were randomized into three groups are as follows: group 1 (n=10) received a control diet, group 2 (n=9) received a high-fat diet and group 3 (n=11) received high-fat diet(More)
AIM To compare the effects of coronary artery bypass operation with or without extracorporeal circulation on serum total prostate-specific antigen levels. METHODS Seventy-six men with a mean age of 57.04+/-9.27 years (range 44-77 years), who underwent coronary artery bypass surgery were enrolled to the study. In 50 patients (Group I), coronary(More)
PURPOSE We studied the effects of biofeedback treatment on voiding and urodynamic parameters in children with voiding dysfunction. MATERIALS AND METHODS We prospectively studied 188 children between June 1998 and November 2003. Biofeedback was performed with a urodynamics processor that enables simultaneous recording of urine flow and electromyography,(More)
OBJECTIVE Kidney stones are one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract. With increasing awareness, a larger proportion of patients are seeking medical knowledge from the Internet. In present study, the features, reliability and efficacy of videos on YouTube related to the treatment of kidney stones were evaluated. MATERIAL AND METHODS In(More)
OBJECTIVE The deterioration of seminal parameters in men with varicocele suggests a vascular lesion producing progressive damage to the testes over time. The aim of this study was to analyze the relationship between the duration of infertility in infertile men with varicocele and the postoperative sperm counts to determine whether the infertility period is(More)
PURPOSE To assess whether Foley catheterization of the rectum after transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided prostate biopsy decreases complication rates. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between June 2000 and September 2006, 275 consecutive patients were evaluated after undergoing TRUS-guided prostate biopsy. All procedures were performed on an outpatient basis.(More)
PURPOSE Anterior urethral valves (AUV) are rare entities generally described in case reports. They are an uncommon cause of lower urinary tract obstruction in children and can be difficult to diagnose. In the present study, we present our experience in four children with AUV along with a literature review. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively(More)