Fiia P Gäddnäs

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INTRODUCTION Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) have various roles in inflammatory states. They seem to be able to modulate endothelial barriers and regulate the activity of chemokines and cytokines. The timely development of the levels during severe sepsis and thereafter have not been investigated. In addition it was of interest to study alterations of(More)
INTRODUCTION Sepsis-related multiple organ dysfunction is a common cause of death in the intensive care unit. The effect of sepsis on markers of tissue repair is only partly understood. The aim of this study was to measure markers of collagen synthesis and degradation during sepsis and investigate the association with disease severity and outcome. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION The effect of sepsis on epidermal wound healing has not been previously studied. It was hypothesised that epidermal wound healing is disturbed in severe sepsis. METHODS Blister wounds were induced in 35 patients with severe sepsis and in 15 healthy controls. The healing of the wounds was followed up by measuring transepidermal water loss and(More)
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