Figen S. Oktem

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—Linear canonical transforms (LCTs) are a family of integral transforms with wide application in optical, acoustical, electromagnetic, and other wave propagation problems. The Fourier and fractional Fourier transforms are special cases of LCTs. We present the exact relation between continuous and discrete LCTs (which generalizes the corresponding relation(More)
Linear canonical transforms (LCTs) form a three-parameter family of integral transforms with wide application in optics. We show that LCT domains correspond to scaled fractional Fourier domains and thus to scaled oblique axes in the space-frequency plane. This allows LCT domains to be labeled and ordered by the corresponding fractional order parameter and(More)
Spectral imaging is a fundamental diagnostic technique in physical sciences with widespread application. Conventionally , spectral imaging techniques rely on a scanning process, which renders them unsuitable for dynamic scenes. Here we study the problem of estimating the physical parameters of interest from the measurements of a non-scanning spectral imager(More)
Because a wireless channel is a shared medium, messages sent on the wireless links might be overheard by the neighboring stations. The information obtained from the overheard messages can be used in order to design more efficient distributed algorithms as well as MAC protocols for wireless networks. We exploit the wireless broadcast property in three(More)
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