Fielding I. Winters

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Research involving gifted and grade-level students has shown that they display differences in their knowledge of selfregulatory strategies. However, little research exists regarding whether these students differ in their actual use of these strategies. This study aimed to address this question by examining think-aloud data collected from 98 gifted and(More)
In this mixed-method study, we converged product and process data to examine the effectiveness of three human scaffolding conditions in facilitating students’ learning about the circulatory system and the deployment of key self-regulatory processes during a 40-minute hypermedia learning task. Undergraduate students (N = 123) were randomly assigned to one of(More)
In this study we examined the effectiveness of three scaffolding conditions on middle school, high school, and undergraduate students’ learning about the circulatory system using hypermedia as indicated by their posttest scores on four learning measures using pretest scores as a covariate. The learning measures included a matching and labeling task, an(More)
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