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Spam filtering is a text categorization task that has attracted significant attention due to the increasingly huge amounts of junk email on the Internet. While current best-practice systems use Naive Bayes filtering and other probabilistic methods, we propose using a statistical , but non-probabilistic classifier based on the Winnow algorithm. The feature(More)
This paper discusses the design decisions underlying the CRM114 Discriminator software, how it can be configured as a spam filter, and what we may glean from the preliminary TREC 2005 results. Unlike most other filters, CRM114 is not a fixed-purpose antispam filter; rather, it's a general purpose language meant to expedite the creation of text filters. The(More)
OSBF­Lua is a C module for the Lua language which implements a Bayesian classifier enhanced with Orthogonal Sparse Bigrams ­ OSB ­ for feature extraction and Exponential Differential Document Count ­ EDDC – for feature selection. These two techniques, combined with the new training method introduced for TREC 2006 produce a highly accurate filter, yet very(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the hypothesis that plants with higher ploidy levels are selected by environments under more extremely stressful conditions than the same (or closely related) species from less rigorous terrestrial or epiphytic habitats. Therefore, we analyzed the chromosome numbers of 26 species belonging to 21 genera and 13 families of(More)
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