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Somatic embryogenesis in pepper anther culture: The effect of incubation treatments and different media
Abstract The frequency of obtained androgenic plants depends highly on the genotype; therefore the low rate of haploid recovery limits the utility of anther culture in pepper breeding. The need forExpand
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The effect of plant growth regulators and sucrose on microtuberization of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
This paper presents results of the effect of different growth regulators on microtuberization induction in several varieties of seed and commercial potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in vitro. The seedExpand
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Comparative Effects of NaCl and CaCl2 Salinity on Cucumber Grown in a Closed Hydroponic System
The objective of this study was to discriminate among Na, Cl, and Ca salinity effects on cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). Cucumber plants grown in perlite were exposed for 134 days to low and moderateExpand
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Designing descriptors of learning outcomes for Higher Education qualification
Learning outcomes represent one of the essential building blocks for transparency within higher education systems and qualifications. All aspects of their application were examined in the context ofExpand
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Androgenesis efficiency in anther culture of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.).
The frequency of obtained androgenic plants depends highly on the genotype, therefore the low rate of androgenic embryo recovery limits the utility of anther culture in pepper breeding. In theExpand
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Obtaining Haploids in Anther Culture of Pepper Capsicum annuum L. and Their Inclusion in the Breeding Process
The aim of research in this project was directed towards examining the regenerative potential of several different genotypes of pepper Capsicum annuum L., especially the ability for androgenesis andExpand
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The effect of plant growth regulators on morphogenesis in tissue culture of some agriculture species
The vegetative propagation of the plants in in vitro conditions enables to abbreviate the process of selection, enhance the genetic stability of plants and improve the production of healthy plantsExpand
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Capsaicin - Inhibitory Factor for Somatic Embryogenesis in Pepper Anther Culture
The androgenesis of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) is very limited process and it is followed by many inhibitory factors such as: pepper genotype; the structure and the stadium of microspores; theExpand
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Biodiversity in the Republic of Macedonia
Status and trends of biodiversity components in Republic of Macedonia are presented in this article. The monitoring of biodiversity components is conducted according to the criteria of SEBI 2010Expand
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Моноспитовско Блато: последното мочуриште во Македонија
Моноспитовското Блато е најпространото водно станиште од блатно-мочуришен тип во Република Македонија. Тоа денеска претставува само мал остаток од некогашните пространи површини под вода, трска иExpand