Fidèlé Yala

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This retrospective study on the impact of diabetes on the course of pulmonary tuberculosis was conducted in 32 diabetic patients with tuberculosis treated at the Brazzaville University Hospital between January 1994 and December 1998. This group was compared with a control group of 100 non-diabetic patients with tuberculosis. HIV-positive patients were(More)
In order to assess the magnitude of missed immunisation opportunities, a study was carried out at ten randomly selected health centres in Brazzaville (Congo). A survey based on interviews at discharge was conducted with 306 mothers or caretakers of children aged under 2 years. The overall rate of missed immunization opportunities was 12.8% for children and(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors report epidemiologic, clinical, para clinical, and evolutive aspects of arthritis related to HIV in an AIDS endemic country. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective study was made in the rheumatology department of the Brazzaville University Teaching Hospital during 15 years and 6 months, on 3.042 in-patients among whom 306 (10%) were(More)
Morinda morindoïdes est une plante très utilisée dans la pharmacopée traditionnelle congolaise, dans le traitement de nombreuses maladies telles que le paludisme, le diabète, les éruptions cutanées, les infections microbiennes et le prurit. L’étude de son activité sur le système immunitaire a permis de révéler que l’extrait aqueux, administré pendant dix(More)
OBJECTIVE We report epidemiologic, clinic, para clinic, therapeutic and evolution aspects of septic arthritis in African tropical zone. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective survey in rheumatologic department of Brazzaville University Teaching Hospital over a period of 15 years and 6 months carrying on 176 septic arthritis observed among 3042 hospitalized(More)
Measles is an infectious disease that continues to be a significant cause of morbidity and mortality among children in Brazzaville. A measles vaccination coverage survey was conducted for children aged 9 to 23 months. A standard EPI cluster sample was applied in two areas: urban and peri-urban. Measles coverage of children after the vaccination campaign(More)
An internal review of the expanded program of immunisation undertaken on the basis of daily data collected over the past five years from 1993 to 1997 in the region of Kouilou revealed a weak coverage level for all the antigens, associated with a strong dropout rate. In August 1999, a vaccination coverage survey was carried out on three strata of the Kouilou(More)