Fiammetta Ghedini

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Flow Machines intend to boost individual creativitity for sequential content creation such as music composition and litterary text writing. This paper introduces the main concepts underlying the Flow Machines project. Starting from Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow theory, we posit that the main driving force of individual creativity is not to acquire more skills nor(More)
WeCurate is a multiuser museum interactive system that allows users to collaboratively create a virtual exhibition from a cultural image archive. WeCurate provides a synchronised image browser across multiple devices to enable a group of users to work together to curate a collection of images, through negotiation and collective decision making. This paper(More)
The Comic Strip Game is a system allowing users to create dialogues for speechless cartoon strips during shared, online content creation sessions. This paper describes the results of a protocol providing each participant with implicit feedback and inspiration from other participants. We observed the behaviour of subjects and investigate the impact of other(More)
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