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INTRODUCTION Oestrogen receptor alpha (ER alpha) is traditionally measured on all breast tumour specimens to identify those patients more likely to respond to anti-oestrogens. Progesterone receptor (PR) status has contributed useful information in defining more responsive subgroups. PR negativity may be a marker for increased signalling through growth(More)
BACKGROUND Colonic self-expanding metallic stents (SEMS) may provide prompt relief of acute malignant colorectal obstruction (AMCO) and are increasingly used either palliatively or as a bridge to surgery (BTS) in patients in whom a definitive surgical approach is unsuitable. We evaluated short-term outcomes of malignant colorectal obstructive patients who(More)
Despite attempts to reduce their incidence, shunt infections remain a major complication of the treatment of hydrocephalus. Various forms of antimicrobial prophylaxis are in use, but no controlled, statistically valid trial has been conducted to assess their efficacy. Such a trial was therefore carried out and its design is described here. After a 1-year(More)
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