Fettah Kosar

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During neuromuscular synaptogenesis, the exchange of spatially localized signals between nerve and muscle initiates the coordinated focal accumulation of the acetylcholine (ACh) release machinery and the ACh receptors (AChRs). One of the key first steps is the release of the proteoglycan agrin focalized at the axon tip, which induces the clustering of AChRs(More)
Patterning substrates with biological reagents is a critical component of biosensor development. Many applications require multi-analyte patterning capabilities, with a need to deposit several species reproducibly with a high degree of precision. We demonstrate a piezoelectric inkjet printing system that is capable of creating sub-millimeter (down to(More)
The release of synaptogenic factors by the nerve terminal plays a central role in the aggregation of neurotransmitter receptors at the postsynaptic membrane, a precisely timed and localized process that is essential for the correct formation and functioning of the synapse. This process has been difficult to re-capitulate in cell culture because present cell(More)
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