Fethullah Gunes

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We report that vertically aligned ZnO nanowire arrays (ZnO NWAs) were fabricated on 3D graphene foam (GF) and used to selectively detect uric acid (UA), dopamine (DA), and ascorbic acid (AA) by a differential pulse voltammetry method. The optimized ZnO NWA/GF electrode provided a high surface area and high selectivity with a detection limit of 1 nM for UA(More)
Grain boundaries in graphene are formed by the joining of islands during the initial growth stage, and these boundaries govern transport properties and related device performance. Although information on the atomic rearrangement at graphene grain boundaries can be obtained using transmission electron microscopy and scanning tunnelling microscopy,(More)
Graphene is an ideal 2D planar structure with an electron mobility that reaches 200 000 cm 2 V − 1 s − 1 , an ideal theoretical sheet resistance of 30 Ω sq − 1 , and an excellent transmittance of 97.5% per layer. [ 1–3 ] Recent development of large area graphene synthesis on a metal layer by chemical vapor deposition opened the possibility for a wide range(More)
C. Acedo C. Acosta Y. Aghaei M. Ainouche K. Aitzetmüller H. Akan D. Albach R. G. Albaladejo S. Alcantara M. Alford S. Aliyoun A. Alkhulaidi A. Almeida R. Almeida da Silva F. Amorim A. Anandan M. Angel M. Appelhans M. Aradhya K. Araki M. Arbo F. Archila S. Arndt J. Arroyo F. Attar X. Aubriot D. Austin P. Baas E. Bağcı N. Bainsala W. Baker F. S. Baloch C.(More)
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