Fethi B. Ahmed

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The suitability of optical IKONOS satellite data (multispectral and panchromatic) for the estimation of forest structural attributes – for example, stems per hectare (SPHA), diameter at breast height (DBH), mean tree height (MTH), basal area (BA) and volume in plantation forest environments – was assessed in this study. The relationships of these forest(More)
Detection of individual trees remains a challenge for forest inventory efforts espe-15 cially in homogeneous, even-aged plantation scenarios. Airborne imagery has mainly been used for detection of individual trees using local maxima filtering, as point spread function and signal-to-noise ratio are smaller than with satellite-borne imagery. This led to the(More)
The integrity of the Blesbok Spruit catchment has been significantly compromised over the past decades, mainly due to the discharge of mining effluent and sewage. This research investigated the hydrological responses, in terms of water quality, in the event of land cover change within the catchment to make predictions on the future sustainability of the(More)
None of the authors have any commercial associations or fi nancial disclosures that might pose or create a confl ict of interest. We describe a simple technique for excision of rhinophyma using equipment found commonly in theatre. The nose is infi ltrated with lignocaine and adrenaline, and a colposcopic loop electrode (15mm disposable loop electrode;(More)
Plantation forests the world over have been established in order to supply industrial mills with wood. It is estimated that by 2050, over half of the world's requirements for industrial timber could be supplied from plantations, thus reducing the pressure on natural forests. Ensuring that the plantation, with its many stands, different planted species,(More)
This research explored the potential benefits of fusing optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) medium resolution satellite-borne sensor data for forest structural assessment. Image fusion was applied as a means of retaining disparate data features relevant to modeling and mapping of forest structural attributes in even-aged (4-11 years) Eucalyptus(More)
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