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Evidence pointing to the presence of opiate receptors in the rabbit iris was obtained in an in vivo study of the effects on the pupil of the intraocular injection of morphine (10–100 μg) and d-Ala2-met-enkephalinamide (d-Ala-E) (5–50 μg). Both opiates induced a significant dose-dependent decrease in pupillary size and an appreciable fluctuation of pupillary(More)
Prolactin (PRL) shares structural and functional features with haemopoietic factors and cytokine peptides. Dendritic cells (DC) are involved in both initiating the primary and boosting the secondary host immune response and can be differentiated in vitro from precursors under the effect of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) plus other(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND Anal cancer is a rare condition. The inguinal lymph nodes are the most common site of metastasis in this neoplasm. The inguinal lymph node status is an important prognostic indicator and the presence of metastases is an independent prognostic factor for local failure and overall mortality. Depending on the primary tumor size and(More)
Congenital epiphora due to absence or imperfection of lacrimal puncta and/or canaliculi was present in 21 members from five consecutive generations of a Sicilian family. The anomaly was transmitted as an autosomal-dominant characteristic with apparently complete penetrance and highly variable expressivity.
The incidence of G6PD deficiency in red blood cells of 241 Sicilian cataractous patients (138 males and 103 females) and in the lens of 32 subjects (15 males and 17 females) of the same group was evaluated. The incidence of G6PD deficiency was significantly higher than expected (p less than 0.001), both in RBCs and in lens. The results suggest that G6PD(More)
The existence of a mechanism by which the ester- and ether-linked aliphatic chains of the major phospholipids are retailored during their axonal transport and sorted to specific membrane systems along the optic nerve and tract was investigated. A mixture of [1-14C]hexadecanol and [3H]arachidonic acid was injected into the vitreous body of albino rabbits. At(More)
A brief description of the importance of axonal transport for nerve cell metabolism, with a discussion of some special features affecting the retina and optic nerve. A connection is made between this transport and a variety of eye diseases in the light of recent publications. In particular, the role played by axonal transport in the course of diseases of(More)
During a trabeculectomy it is possible to interfere with the boundary between the iris and the ciliary body-that is with the iridociliary suture. The author describes some special features of this region which can be recognized through the operating microscope, with allusions to some aspects of optical microscopy.
UNLABELLED The case material covers 115 glaucoma patients in whom antiglaucomatous trabeculectomy had been performed. Observation times: between a maximum of 3 years (12 cases) and a minimum period of 6 months (18 cases). CLASSIFICATION Open-angle glaucoma 28 cases (22.8%), narrow-angle glaucoma 22 cases (19.1%), air-block glaucoma 17 cases (14.75%),(More)
The characterization of tumor-associated antigens has enabled to direct the host immune response towards the autologous tumor through appropriate loading and presentation of the antigen. In vivo conditions that generate large numbers of tumor antigens would be an important step in vaccine strategies. In this study we have therefore tested the ability of(More)