Ferrol O. Robinson

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BACKGROUND The relationship between corneal guttata and Fuchs' endothelial dystrophy is unclear, with the result that the clinical differentiation of the two conditions is often made on the basis of the presence or absence of symptoms. METHODS In this study the authors compare the clinical and specular micrographic findings, as recorded from 20 patients(More)
Two national commissions established by the U.S. Congress recommend replacing the current system of funding transportation based on fuel taxes with a new distance-based system of user fees. The State of Oregon has done a pilot project demonstrating a system for transitioning to mileage-based fees by paying the fees at the gas pump. The University of Iowa(More)
Preliminary experimental data and concepts oriented toward the achievement of certified primary prostatic cell cultures, normal and/or malignant, for mass distribution are presented. Such monolayer cultures would be established as subcultures from the microcarrier, spin-filter (steady-state) system. The suspension culture of primary cells directly derived(More)
i?&bQ!k A total of 200 normal human corneas (age: 6 months 92 years) were collected among bodies intended for autopsy. Pathological comeal buttons were obtained from patients undergoing penetrating keratoplasty for keratoconus, Fuchs’ end&&xl dyamphy, postcataract endothelial dystrophy, and others. The keratocyte density was assessed using a quantitative(More)