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Patients with multiple malignant primary tumours are often described, based on their chronology of presentation, as simultaneous, synchronous or metachronous tumours. Lung malignancies presenting in association with head and neck tumours are well documented while there have been small series of thyroid synchronous cancers presenting with laryngeal lesions(More)
Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS) is a rare and controversial sequelae from previous radical turbinate surgery. We report on a 50-year-old Chinese gentleman with long-standing nasal problems who has had radical turbinate surgery many years prior to presenting at the ENT clinic with mucoid nasal discharge and chronically blocked nose. His nasal cavities were(More)
Lipoma of spermatic cord is rare. They should be considered in the patient with groin pain and normal examination results. A case of lipoma of cord in a 82 year old man is presented. Presentation was as a painless swelling for which he never sought medical advice. Ultrasonography showed hyper echoic lesion. Fine needle aspiration of swelling yielded(More)
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