Fernando de la Prieta

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This paper presents the BRENHET application, which introduces a new concept in searching for educational resources by using a learning object paradigm that describes these resources. The application is composed of a complete agentbased architecture that implements the concept of federated search. It can search different repositories in parallel, and is(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks comprise an ideal technology to develop Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLSs) aimed at indoor environments, where existing global navigation satellite systems do not work correctly due to the blockage of the satellite signals. In this regard, one of the main challenges is to deal with the problems that arise from the effects of the(More)
Nowadays there is a clear trend towards using methods and tools that can develop multi-agent systems (MAS) capable of reorganization and adapting to changes within their environment. To that end, this article intends to identify and analyze the research topics that deal with the development of open MAS based on virtual organizations. Additionally, a case(More)
Nowadays, cloud computing is revolutionizing the services provided through the Internet to adapt itself in order to keep the quality of its services. Recent research foresees the advent of a new discipline of agent-based cloud computing systems that can make decisions about adaption in an uncertain environment. This paper discusses the role of argumentation(More)
Nowadays, circa 10% of 7-11 olds turn out to be poor comprehenders: they demonstrate text comprehension difficulties, related to inference making, despite proficiency in low-level cognitive skills like word reading. To improve the reading comprehension of these children, TERENCE, a technology enhanced learning project, aims at stimulating inference-making(More)
TERENCE is an FP7 ICT European project that is developing an adaptive learning system for supporting poor comprehenders and their educators. Its learning material are stories and games. The games are specialised into smart games, which stimulate inference-making for story comprehension, and relaxing games, which stimulate visual perception and not story(More)