Fernando de Mesentier Silva

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We consider the problem of generating compact sub-optimal game-playing heuristics that can be understood and easily executed by novices. In particular, we seek to find heuristics that can lead to good play while at the same time be expressed as fast and frugal trees or short decision lists. This has applications in automatically generating tutorials and(More)
Buses are the primary means of public transportation in the city of Rio de Janeiro, carrying around 100 million passengers every month. §Recently, real-time GPS coordinates of all operating public buses has been made publicly available – roughly 1 million GPS entries each captured each day. In an initial study, we observed that a substantial number of buses(More)
<i>Ticket to Ride</i> is a popular contemporary board game for two to four players, featuring a number of expansions with additional maps and tweaks to the core game mechanics. In this paper, four different game-playing agents that embody different playing styles are defined and used to analyze <i>Ticket to Ride.</i> Different playing styles are shown to be(More)
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