Fernando Wanderley

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Software Product Lines (SPL) have largely been taken on board by industry. Several reports from large companies such as Bosch, Nokia, Philips and Siemens witness gains and benefits achieved with their use, especially with respect to the reduction on time to market. In SPL development, domain analysis plays a central role where the relevant features are(More)
Requirements are typically modelled using some graphical notation with the aid of CASE tools. However, these tools make this activity exclusive to requirements engineers and stakeholders with no accessibility problems, but disabled professionals often have accessibility problems to use tools to build requirements models. Also, accessibility problems can(More)
Recent studies have shown that the existence of a poor requirements elicitation or the lack of this activity, during the information system development , have generated a series of system failures and resulted in unsatisfied customers. Among several reasons, the no user participation in the conceptual modelling process stands out. Another important issue is(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Un des problèmes en ingénierie des exigences consiste à capter les besoins des utili-sateurs le mieux possible. Or force est de constater que les supports d'ingénierie tels que les modèles orientés but ou les diagrammes d'exigences orientés système tels que ceux de SYSML sont parfois trop complexes pour les utilisateurs finaux. Dans cet article,(More)