Fernando Vila

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Intralesional use of cidofovir (Vistide®) has been one of the mainstays of adjuvant therapy in patients with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) since 1998. In 2011, a communication provided by the producer of cidofovir addressed very serious side effects concerning its off-label use. As this was a general warning, it was inconclusive whether this(More)
Between 1938 and 1985, 73 patients with ureteral tumors underwent surgery at Puigvert Foundation (1 case with bilateral synchronous tumors). Sixty-three patients were males and 10 females. Ages ranged between 49 and 78 (mean of 62) years. Tumoral stages were: pTa 5 cases; pT1 56 cases; pT2 10 cases, and pT3 2 cases. Radical treatment was performed in 38(More)
OBJECTIVE Bladder injuries are quite rare and complex complications of transobturator tapes in the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence, with very few published cases. The authors present a case report and discuss possible injury mechanisms and the role of cystoscopy in this setting. METHODS A 51 year-old female with past surgical history of(More)
BACKGROUND Open dismembered pyeloplasty remains the preferred surgical technique for ureteropelvic junction syndrome (UPJS) in most paediatric urology units. The authors present their experience of 230 patients and describe their form of presentation, treatment and early and long-term results. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of clinical(More)
Subcapsular nephrectomy has advantages over classical nephrectomy in such cases with the kidney adhered to adjacent structures. Actually, to the usual indications, as chronic renal infection and previous renal surgery, we add up the nephrectomy of transplanted kidney, that forms our main indications. In our review of medical literature we haven't found any(More)