Fernando Valles Barajas

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A major concern during carotid artery stent placement is the potential for cerebral embolism. Diminishing the number of device manipulations across the lesion might reduce procedural stroke risk. For this purpose, we report our initial experience with carotid stent placement without the use of either balloon angioplasty or distal(More)
A 76-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with an episode of small-volume hemoptysis, right-sided pleuritic chest pain, and a dry cough without dyspnea. Her mobility was severely limited by rheumatoid arthritis. Her pulse rate was 96 beats/min, respiratory rate 16 breaths/ min, blood pressure 129/71 mm Hg, and temperature 97.9 F (36.6 C).(More)
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