Fernando Valdés

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This paper describes an innovative routing strategy for intelligent transportation units willing to perform merging manoeuvres with a moving convoy. In particular, we consider a transportation unit located inside a city (pursuer unit), and which wishes to join a convoy that is constantly moving around the city. We first describe a solution that considers(More)
This paper describes a relative localization system used to achieve the navigation of a convoy of robotic units in indoor environments. This positioning system is carried out fusing two sensorial sources: (a) an odometric system and (b) a laser scanner together with artificial landmarks located on top of the units. The laser source allows one to compensate(More)
This article presents a control solution for the guidance of wheeled convoy units in non-linear trajectories. The proposal consists of a Mamdani fuzzy controller to solve the Decentralized Control problem as applied to a set of units following a leader, whilst guaranteeing the so called “string stability” condition of the convoy.
This work presents a trajectory generation strategy used for merging and splitting maneuvers of a platoon of vehicles formed in urban environments. Using the reference trajectory defined and marked by the lead unit, and using pre-defined locations of the parking areas outside this trajectory, a solution sets out that fixes the way to follow for the units(More)