Fernando V. Salina

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UFSCAR One of the problems in tomographic image reconstruction is the presence of noise on the projection data, due to low exposure time. This noise can be considered Poisson distributed and it is inversely proportional to the exposure time. In order to reduce the acquisition time, it is necessary to process the projections. The POCS approach (Projection(More)
We present in this work a comparison among four algorithms for transmission tomography. The algorithms are based on the formalism of POCS (Projection onto Convex Sets): ART (Algebraic Reconstruction Technique), SIRT (Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique), sequential POCS and parallel POCS. We found that the use of adequate a priori knowledge(More)
In this paper, we present a comparison of two techniques for noise reduction on CT set of projections. We use for filtering the Pointwise Wiener filter and thresholding of the Wavelet coefficients. We use the Anscombe transformation for noise variance stabilization. The Pointwise Wiener filter was computed with an adaptive windowing scheme for the(More)
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