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UNLABELLED Genomic analyses are yielding a host of new information on the multiple genetic abnormalities associated with specific types of cancer. A comprehensive description of cancer-associated genetic abnormalities can improve our ability to classify tumors into clinically relevant subgroups and, on occasion, identify mutant genes that drive the cancer(More)
Actin-based stress fiber formation is coupled to microtubule depolymerization through the local activation of RhoA. While the RhoGEF Lfc has been implicated in this cytoskeleton coupling process, it has remained elusive how Lfc is recruited to microtubules and how microtubule recruitment moderates Lfc activity. Here, we demonstrate that the dynein light(More)
In this study, we introduce a novel approach to induce and observe the formation of presynaptic compartments in axons through a combination of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and fluorescence microscopy. First, we use a poly-D-lysine-coated bead attached to an AFM tip to induce the recruitment of two synaptic proteins, bassoon and synaptophysin, and measure(More)
Despite the fact that JSON is currently one of the most popular formats for exchanging data on the Web, there are very few studies on this topic and there are no agreement upon theoretical framework for dealing with JSON. Therefore in this paper we propose a formal data model for JSON documents and, based on the common features present in available systems(More)
Firms organize work across functional line-of-businesses to deliver the most important outcomes that are needed for clients and other key stakeholders. These cross-functional operations are represented as business processes and are known to be the most critical ones in a firm. However, little is known about business-relevant families of processes because(More)
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