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There are currently various proposals for method of wireless power transmission. Electromagnetic induction method has been known as a relatively efficient transmission method for a wide variety of application. Here we report the results of recent investigations about the “LC booster method,” a new electromagnetic induction-based system. This(More)
The integration of post-wimp computer interfaces arises as an alternative to meet individual limitations of each one, considering both interaction components and feedbacks to users. Tangible interfaces can present restrictions referring to physical space on tabletop architectures, which limits the manipulation of objects and deprecates the interactive(More)
The adsorption and assembly of large organic molecules on solid surfaces has attracted considerable attention in recent years [1], partly due to the interest from a basic science point of view, partly because of the potential applications in emerging nanotechnological fields, such as molecular electronics [2], optoelectronics [3], or nanomechanical sensors(More)
A nanoscale understanding of the complex dynamics of large molecules at surfaces is essential for the bottom-up design of molecular nanostructures. Here we show that we can change the diffusion coefficient of the complex organic molecule known as Violet Lander (VL, C(108)H(104)) on Cu(110) by two orders of magnitude by using the STM at low temperatures to(More)
Tetracyclines are an old class of molecules that constitute a broad-spectrum antibiotics. Since the first member of tetracycline family were isolated, the clinical importance of these compounds as therapeutic and prophylactic agents against a wide range of infections has stimulated efforts to define their mode of action as inhibitors of bacterial(More)
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