Fernando San Segundo

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The offset hypersurface <i>O</i><inf><i>d</i></inf>(<i>V</i>), at distance <i>d</i>, to an irreducible hypersurface <i>V</i> is essentially the envelope of the system of spheres centered at the points of <i>V</i> with fixed radius <i>d</i> (for a formal definition, and for basic properties of offsets, see [2] and [9]). This type of geometric objects have(More)
We solve a set of tasks for a general 3D-cube-lattice-based homogeneous robotic system, including self organizing —counting the number of modules, finding a master, computing the bounding box, forming a tree— as well as locomotion and reconfiguration. The algorithms proposed are generic and can be applied to a wide variety of particular systems. The modules(More)
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