Fernando Sánchez Lasheras

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During the last years, hybrid models have proven to be a promising approach for the design of classification systems for the forecasting of bankruptcy. In the present research we propose a hybrid system which combines fuzzy clustering and MARS. Both models are especially suitable for the bankruptcy prediction problem, due to their theoretical advantages(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to develop and externally validate a nomogram and web-based calculator to individually predict the development of serious complications in seemingly stable adult patients with solid tumours and episodes of febrile neutropenia (FN). PATIENTS AND METHODS The data from the FINITE study (n=1133) and University of Salamanca Hospital (USH)(More)
Using non-parametric estimation techniques, we have modeled an area of 126 actuators of a micro-electro-mechanical deformable mirror with 1024 actuators. These techniques produce models applicable to open-loop adaptive optics, where the turbulent wavefront is measured before it hits the deformable mirror. The model's input is the wavefront correction to(More)
In astronomy, the light emitted by an object travels through the vacuum of space and then the turbulent atmosphere before arriving at a ground based telescope. By passing through the atmosphere a series of turbulent layers modify the light's wave-front in such a way that Adaptive Optics reconstruction techniques are needed to improve the image quality. A(More)