Fernando Roberti de Siqueira

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Texture information plays an important role in image analysis. Although several descriptors have been proposed to extract and analyze texture, the development of automatic systems for image interpretation and object recognition is a difficult task due to the complex aspects of texture. Scale is an important information in texture analysis, since a same(More)
We examined the relationships between topography, soil properties and tree species composition in a Neotropical swamp forest in southeastern Brazil. Plots were sampled in the forest, encompassing three different soil ground water regimes along the topographical declivity. All non-climbing plant individuals with trunk height >1.3 m were sampled. A canonical(More)
Detection of human skin has several practical applications in image and video processing fields, such as face detection, image indexing, gesture recognition, and nudity detection. The purpose of a human skin detection method is to distinguish image portions between skin and non-skin regions. Many existing approaches in the literature are based on features(More)
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