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National cultures and cultural differences provide a crucial component of the international business (IB) research context. We conducted a bibliometric study of articles published in seven leading IB journals over a period of three decades to analyze how national culture has been impacting IB research. Co-citation mappings permit us to identify the ties(More)
Transaction costs theory (TCT) has long been an important conceptual lens for examining International Business (IB) phenomena and perhaps especially relevant for the study of multinational corporations, entry mode choices and location selection. In this paper we examine the extent to which TCT been used and has impacted IB research. Methodologically, we(More)
Jay Barney's contribution to the current status of the Resource-Based View (RBV) is well accepted, in particular his 1991 article on " Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage " has been acknowledged as one of the most significant contributions to developing the RBV. The RBV has since evolved to become one of the central theoretical perspectives(More)
Research on strategic alliances has a long tradition in management studies. Strategic alliances have been investigated using multiple theoretical lenses from RBV to agency and transaction cost, and diverse contexts, from the semiconductor to airline industries. In this study we scrutinize the extant strategic alliance research in thirty-one top-ranked(More)
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