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BACKGROUND New surgical techniques for gluteal augmentation have improved final results. It is estimated that more than 35,000 patients have undergone augmentation gluteoplasty using implants. The authors sought to determine and quantify the presence of muscle atrophy, and to evaluate implant positioning using the intramuscular technique. METHODS(More)
National cultures and cultural differences provide a crucial component of the international business (IB) research context. We conducted a bibliometric study of articles published in seven leading IB journals over a period of three decades to analyze how national culture has been impacting IB research. Co-citation mappings permit us to identify the ties(More)
Transaction costs theory (TCT) has long been an important conceptual lens for examining International Business (IB) phenomena and perhaps especially relevant for the study of multinational corporations, entry mode choices and location selection. In this paper we examine the extent to which TCT been used and has impacted IB research. Methodologically, we(More)
BACKGROUND Although the placement of implants for gluteal augmentation is becoming more common, the procedure still faces strong resistance from patients and some surgeons as a result of unsatisfactory outcomes in the past. OBJECTIVE The authors describe easily-identifiable anatomic reference points that can assist the surgeon in the performance of(More)
BACKGROUND Over the past 30 years, many techniques have been proposed for gluteal augmentation with implants. The intramuscular technique provided greatly improved results and a consequent increase in the number of such procedures performed in Brazil. However, the data available in the medical literature reveal high rates of wound complications, mostly(More)
Silicone implants have been used for gluteal augmentation for the past 40 years. Several techniques have been described for cosmetic purposes, but many plastic surgeons do not feel that performing the operation is safe. In this article, a technique is described to reduce the complication rate, improve the final results, and develop an easy way of(More)
Arteritis of giant cells compromising extracranial and particularly intestinal tissues is not frequent. Therefore, it is common practice to make the diagnosis retrospectively after analyzing the surgical sample. A case is presented of an 83 year old woman admitted to the Clinical Department with a clinical course of 3 days of evolution characterized by(More)
Congenital pseudarthrosis of the clavicle is a rare condition. Bilateral involvement is extremely rare: only seven cases have been reported in the literature. Although the anatomy of the thoracic outlet can be markedly altered by the hypermobility of the shoulder and although few cases with mild symptoms suggesting brachial plexus impairment have been(More)
Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are important modes through which firms undertake their domestic and international strategies. This bibliometric review examines the extant research on M&As in the top five strategic management journals during a ten years period – from 2000 to 2009. The 90 articles identified in these top journals denote an eclectic(More)
Collecting and transporting samples for RNA analysis can be challenging, especially in situations where financial resources are limited. In this study, a quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) for the analysis of HCV RNA was developed and adapted for use with dried blood spot (DBS) samples. A qPCR for HCV 5'NCR, an internal control and a calibration curve were(More)