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National cultures and cultural differences provide a crucial component of the international business (IB) research context. We conducted a bibliometric study of articles published in seven leading IB journals over a period of three decades to analyze how national culture has been impacting IB research. Co-citation mappings permit us to identify the ties(More)
Transaction costs theory (TCT) has long been an important conceptual lens for examining International Business (IB) phenomena and perhaps especially relevant for the study of multinational corporations, entry mode choices and location selection. In this paper we examine the extent to which TCT been used and has impacted IB research. Methodologically, we(More)
Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are important modes through which firms undertake their domestic and international strategies. This bibliometric review examines the extant research on M&As in the top five strategic management journals during a ten years period – from 2000 to 2009. The 90 articles identified in these top journals denote an eclectic(More)
Transaction cost theory (TCT) is widely used in several management disciplines. Its value for explaining organizational phenomena and managers' decisions is well accepted and has been recognized with two Nobel laureates (Ronald Coase and Oliver Williamson). In this paper we examine the impact of the TCT on extant research in top tier management journals. We(More)
In this paper, we use the transaction cost theory [TCT] and the resource-based view [RBV] to discuss three propositions on the models of client-supplier relationships in mature industries. The two theories seem to advance different organizational forms of the client-supplier relationships, and in some instances are contradictory. How should firms organize(More)
Jay Barney's contribution to the current status of the Resource-Based View (RBV) is well accepted, in particular his 1991 article on " Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage " has been acknowledged as one of the most significant contributions to developing the RBV. The RBV has since evolved to become one of the central theoretical perspectives(More)
Multinational corporations (MNCs) are subject to the various dimensions of the external institutional environments where they operate. Institutional theory suggests that MNCs need to conform to the prevailing rules, norms and procedures of the locations where they operate in order to survive and grow. This means that MNCs need to develop the best possible(More)
2008 Acknowledgements We are thankful to Haiyang Li and Steve Tallman for their comments on earlier versions of this paper. ABSTRACT Recent research has theorized on the composition of firms' business networks but has not empirically examined business networks in transition economies may vary for different firms. In this study, using firm level data from(More)
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