Fernando Reyes

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In this paper, the control problem of camera-in-hand robotic systems is considered. In this approach, a camera is mounted on the robot, usually at the hand, which provides an image of objects located in the robot environment. The aim of this approach is to move the robot arm in such a way that the image of the objects attains the desired locations. We(More)
Triterpenoids are known to induce apoptosis and to be anti-tumoural. Maslinic acid, a pentacyclic triterpene, is present in high concentrations in olive pomace. This study examines the response of HT29 and Caco-2 colon-cancer cell lines to maslinic-acid treatment. At concentrations inhibiting cell growth by 50-80% (IC50HT29=61+/-1 microM, IC80HT29=76+/-1(More)
Forty four marine actinomycetes of the family Microccocaceae isolated from sponges collected primarily in Florida Keys (USA) were selected from our strain collection to be studied as new sources for the production of bioactive natural products. A 16S rRNA gene based phylogenetic analysis showed that the strains are members of the genera Kocuria and(More)
The increased demand for enzymes with new properties makes indispensable the development of easy and rapid strategies to obtain complete genes of new enzymes. Here a strategy is described which includes screening by PCR of new subtilases mediated by Consensus-Degenerate Hybrid Oligonucleotide Primers (CODEHOP) and an improved genome walking method to obtain(More)
The present study highlights the biological effects of chromomycin A2 toward metastatic melanoma cells in culture. Besides chromomycin A2, chromomycin A3 and demethylchromomycin A2 were also identified from the extract derived from Streptomyces sp., recovered from Paracuru Beach, located in the northeast region of Brazil. The cytotoxic activity of(More)
Fungal infections have increased dramatically in the last 2 decades, and fighting infectious diseases requires innovative approaches such as the combination of two drugs acting on different targets or even targeting a salvage pathway of one of the drugs. The fungal cell wall biosynthesis is inhibited by the clinically used antifungal drug caspofungin. This(More)
A new thiazolyl peptide, kocurin (1), was isolated from culture broths of a marine-derived Kocuria palustris. Its structural elucidation was accomplished using a combination of spectroscopic and chemical methods, including HRMS, extensive 1D and 2D NMR analysis, MS/MS fragmentation, and chemical degradation and Marfey's analysis of the resulting amino acid(More)
In our search for quorum-sensing (QS) disrupting molecules, 75 fungal isolates were recovered from reef organisms (endophytes), saline lakes and mangrove rhizosphere. Their QS inhibitory activity was evaluated in Chromobacterium violaceum CVO26. Four strains of endophytic fungi stood out for their potent activity at concentrations from 500 to 50 μg mL-1.(More)
Three unusual new steroid thioesters, parathiosteroids A-C (1a-3a), were isolated from the 2-propanol extract of the soft coral Paragorgia sp. collected in Madagascar. Their structures, determined by detailed spectroscopic analysis, were confirmed by synthesis and represent the first isolation of natural steroids bearing a C22 thioester in their side chain.(More)